Best Cyprus Attractions for Explorers
Do you have in inner explorer to your personality that needs to be satisfied on every vacation? Well, then Cyprus is the place for you! And, we have some great ideas to get you started! Some people are not content sitting in the sun during a vacation. They want to get out and explore what the local area has to offer. For them, Cyprus is an ideal destination because it offers plenty of attractions for adventurers. With everything from hiking and biking trails to award-winning golf courses and the chance to explore undersea wreckage, this island Republic in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea has become a global tourist destination.
Healthy Exploration    

Larnaca Car Hire ChirokitisNature routes offer one of the best ways to see this island. Lovers of the outdoors can travel nature trails and signposted paths designed for different skill levels. A hike in the Akamas Peninsula at the northwestern tip of Cyprus traverses the rugged coastline, offering amazing views across the Mediterranean Sea. Hiking in the Troodos Mountains, which peak at 2,000 meters, is the perfect activity on a hot summer day. Hikers encounter pillow lava created by volcanic eruption that occurred underwater 90 million years ago and created the island.
Cyclists can explore the beautiful scenery and amazing history of the island from a bicycle seat. Cyprus features hundreds of kilometers of bike trails, offering cyclists many opportunities to see what they cannot from the passenger seat of a car. Cycling routes wind throughout the island or bikers can make their own. Whether they want to zip around an area or proceed at a leisurely pace and stop to take in the landscape or explore a village or cove, they can do it on their bikes.
Cyprus is quickly becoming a paradise for golfers due to its pleasant climate year-round. The island offers three international standard 18-hole courses providing picturesque views of the Mediterranean. These are located in the Pafos region, away from major tourist areas but conveniently accessible. Golf Open Tournaments offer an excuse for competing with others. Minthis Hills Golf Club is located between vineyards and orchards of a 12th century monastery, providing areas for family members to explore while golfers hit the greens.

A Diver's Paradise    

car hire cyprus divers zinobiaThe MS Zenobia was a Swedish ferry that capsized and sank during her maiden voyage in June 1980. While traveling to Athens, Greece, the captain experienced steering issues and the ferry began listing to port due to a ballast problem. The ferry now rests on its port side in approximately 42 meters of water near Larnaca on Cyprus. In 2003, The Times named this one of the top ten sites for wreck diving in the world.
The Zenobia offers all levels of SCUBA divers several challenges. The starboard side is just 16 meters deep, while the engine room and lower car dock are suitable explorations for experienced divers. Though all humans escaped before the ship sank, the bones of animals and cargo of eggs can be seen.
These are just a sampling of the attractions for adventure lovers visiting Cyprus. This island offers an array of geographic features and nature waiting to be explored. Learn more about the many things to do during different times of year. The weather is always ideal for an adventure, making this the perfect destination during any season.

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