Cyprus Car Hire Travel Tips

Cyprus Car Hire: Essential Travel Tips

Renting a car in Cyprus is an excellent way to explore the island’s stunning landscapes, historic sites, and charming villages at your own pace. Here are some essential travel tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience when hiring a car in Cyprus:

Drive on the Left:

Cyprus follows the British system, so remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road. It might take a bit of adjustment if you’re used to driving on the right.

International Driving Permit:

While EU driving licenses are accepted, travelers from outside the EU should obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside their valid driver’s license.

Understand the Road Signs:

Road signs in Cyprus are in Greek and English, making navigation easier for English-speaking visitors. However, familiarizing yourself with some basic Greek road signs and terms can be helpful.

Speed Limits and Regulations:

Adhere to speed limits (usually 50 km/h in towns and up to 100 km/h on motorways) and local driving laws. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers, and using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited unless you have a hands-free system.


In urban areas, parking might be challenging. Look for designated parking areas. Blue zones indicate paid parking, where you’ll need to purchase and display a parking ticket.

Fuel Stations:

Many fuel stations in rural areas close in the early evening and may not open on Sundays. Plan your refueling stops accordingly, especially if you’re planning long drives.

Rental Insurance:

Opt for comprehensive insurance coverage. While it might increase the rental cost, it provides peace of mind. Check what the insurance covers, especially regarding damages and theft.

Check the Car Before Departure:

Inspect the rental car for any existing damages and ensure all defects are documented by the rental company before you set off. This can prevent disputes when returning the vehicle.

Navigational Tools:

While Cyprus is well-signposted, using a GPS or a map app on your smartphone can help avoid getting lost, especially in remote areas or when exploring off the beaten path.

Emergency Numbers:

Keep a list of emergency numbers, including the rental company, roadside assistance, and local emergency services (112 or 199), easily accessible during your trip.

Cultural Sensitivity:

When driving through the more traditional villages, be mindful and respectful of local customs and practices.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free car hire experience in Cyprus, allowing you to discover the island’s beauty at your leisure.

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