Frequently asked questions

Are there additional airport charges for collecting and delivering the car from the airport, or are these included in your rental pricing?
Airport delivery and collection charges are already included in our pricing. We deliver and collect our rental cars next to the Larnaca Airport entrance. However, if airport collection or delivery is to take place outside of our working hours (23:00 to 07:00), a surcharge applies.
Are you going to wait for me in Larnaca Airport?

We always monitor your flights and wait for our clients outside the Arrivals Hall of the Larnaca Airport, before taxis. Please remember to call us when you will be comming out.

Can I add an additional driver for a single car hire?

Yes, the first additional driver is included in the price of the rented car.

Can you deliver my car to our address outside Larnaca area?

Yes, we also deliver our cars outside the Larnaca area, but extra charges will apply. Please contact us to inquire about delivery/collection charges for different regions of Cyprus.

Can you deliver our car to our hotel or address in Larnaca?

Yes, delivery to Larnaca Airport, all Larnaca Hotels or any address in Larnaca is included in the price of rental.

Could you generate an invoice to be sent to my Company?

Yes, we can make an invoice billing your company.

Does Sure Car Rentals Ltd allow me to drive in the north side of Cyprus?

Please note that our insurance is not valid on the occupied north part of Cyprus. Therefore, you will be fully responsible for the car if you cross into the northern occupied side of Cyprus.

How do I confirm my reservation?

Within 12 hours of making your online reservation, you will receive an email with your final confirmation. Need to reconfirm immediately? Call us or text us on WhatsApp or Viber at [+357 99415889] (Sure Car Rental’s working hours are 07:00 – 23:00)

I have an Australian Driver’s License. Would this be sufficient without my having to apply for an international one?

Yes, so long as the driver produces a valid driving license from their country, it will be valid. However, kindly note the following requirements for being able to drive our rental cars:The driver’s license must be at least 3 years old according to the driver’s age and driving license issue date.
The driver’s license must be written in English or Latin alphabet.

I intend to pay cash on delivery. Is this method of payment accepted by you?

Yes, of course we accept cash on delivery. However, please note that we require a valid credit/debit card issued from the main driver’s name to cover excess.

I may need to drop the car off at the airport as early as 5.30 am. Will your airport office be open at that time?

We collect and deliver cars in person, right at the Larnaca Airport entrance, any time of the day or night. However, for outside working hours (23:00 to 07:00), extra charges of 25 Euro for car delivery and 25 Euro for collection will apply.

I want to return my car early; will any penalty charges apply?

Please note that we will be unable to give a refund if you return the vehicle early.

I will be arriving in Cyprus on a day which I believe is a holiday. Are you operational on holidays?

Yes, we operate 24/7/365, which means we will provide you with the car you need at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. However, please note that outside the working hours (23:00 to 07:00), extra charges apply for rental car delivery and pick-up.

Is a deposit required for renting a vehicle?

No, but a valid credit card is required for no-shows fees. You can always cancel your reservation 48 hours before car pick up. In case of a no-show, we will charge you on the card you provide upon reservation.

Is it possible to rent the car with a Debit Card, not a Credit Card?

Yes, both Debit and Credit Card can be used to rent a car. However, please ensure that you have enough money in your account to cover your rent and excess.

Is my rental car going to be air-conditioned?

Yes, all our cars are equipped with premium, working AC.

What are the age requirements for hiring a car?

Minimum driver’s age must be 25 years.

What if my plane is delayed?

Do not worry, if we have your flight number, we will monitor the flight and be there when you come out. If you have lost luggage or are being held up at the airport for any other reason, you must inform us about any extra time you need via mobile, Viber or WhatsApp [+357 99415889].

What is your mileage/kilometer policy?

You can drive an unlimited number of miles/kilometers in our rental car.

Will my car be equipped with a GPS unit that accepts English language?

Yes, all our GPS units accept English language. Furthermore, the GPS units also accept a number of other languages, include Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French and many more.

Will my luggage fit inside the rented car?

We can provide you dimensions of the car boot, but we cannot guarantee if you can fit all your luggage in the rented car. That is completely subjective and depends on the car you rent and the amount of luggage you are carrying.

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