Is it worth to hire a car in Cyprus?

Car hire in Cyprus

Hiring a car in Cyprus is generally considered worth it for several reasons, especially if you’re looking to explore the island beyond the limitations of public transport. Here are some factors to consider that highlight the benefits of renting a car in Cyprus:

Flexibility and Freedom

Explore at Your Own Pace: Having a car gives you the flexibility to visit sites of interest, secluded beaches, and mountain villages on your own schedule, without being tied to bus timetables or tour groups.


Reach Remote Locations: Some of Cyprus’s most charming spots are off the beaten path and difficult to access via public transportation. A car allows you to discover these hidden gems.

Comfort and Convenience

Travel Comfort: Cyprus can get very hot, especially in the summer months. A private car with air conditioning provides a comfortable escape from the heat.
Convenience for Families and Groups: Traveling with family or in a group can be much easier with a car, allowing for easy storage of luggage and beach gear.


Economical for Groups: Splitting the rental and fuel costs among a group can make hiring a car a cost-effective option compared to multiple public transport fares.


Save Time: A car can save you time, especially on longer journeys across the island, allowing for more sightseeing opportunities.

Things to Consider

Driving on the Left: Like the UK, traffic moves on the left side of the road in Cyprus, which might require an adjustment for some drivers.
Parking and Traffic: In peak tourist seasons, popular areas may have limited parking, and there can be traffic, especially in major towns.
Rural Roads: While main roads are in good condition, some rural or mountainous areas may have less maintained roads, requiring careful driving.

In summary, if you value flexibility, comfort, and the opportunity to explore Cyprus’s diverse landscapes and cultural sites at your leisure, renting a car is definitely worth considering. It offers an unparalleled sense of freedom to experience the island fully.

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