Rent Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible in Larnaca, Cyprus

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible 220 CDI

4 Seats – Automatic – Diesel – 2014 – Leather – Intelligence Lights – Front and Rear Parking Sensors – Self Park – Reversing Camera – AMG Body Styling – ECO Start/Stop

Convertibles were made for countries like Cyprus – countries with endless natural beauty and a gorgeous terrain to drive through. Cyprus, with its limitlessly blue skies, stunning scenery and year-round pleasant weather, is the perfect place to cruise in a Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet.

The Mercedes E Cabriolet

The Mercedes E Cabriolet is the height of luxury and a symbol of the premium lifestyle that everyone dreams of. One of the most sophisticated cars by Mercedes, the E-Class Cabriolet is a one of a kind convertible designed to deliver unmatched performance and a memorable driving experience. Sure Drive Car Hire Ltd has a top of the line model for you to enjoy and get the full experience of luxury in Cyprus.
Start Your Journey Right from Larnaca Airpor
Rent a Mercedes E Cabriolet in Cyprus if you want to get the full experience of the country. Nothing says luxury like a convertible Mercedes cruising down a beautiful road, surrounded by stunning natural scenery. We bring the high life to Cyprus by letting you book Mercedes E Cabriolet right from Larnaca Airport, so that every moment you spend in Cyprus is inside this beauty of a car.
If you’re in Larnaca Cyprus, renting Mercedes E Cabriolet has never been easier. Sure Drive Car Hire Ltd has a gorgeous, state of the art Mercedes E Class Cabriolet in brand new condition, ready to be booked for as long as you like. We let you rent Mercedes E Cabriolet in Larnaca Cyprus and drive this beauty to any corner of Cyprus like it’s your own.
Rent Luxurious Mercedes Convertible for Any Occasion
This spacious car can easily seat 4 adults, making it perfect for families and groups of friends as well as honeymooners, lovebirds, or the solo traveler. The luxuriously roomy Mercedes E Cabriolet has large genuine leather seats with plenty of headroom and legroom. You can lounge comfortably in the car while it takes you wherever you want to go in Cyprus at fast, smooth speeds. When you see the word convertible, you may worry that this car does not have enough trunk space for your luggage. But the Mercedes E Cabriolet is actually one of the few cars which has sufficient trunk capacity to carry all the family’s luggage on the go!
Planning a trip to Cyprus? Then you must be looking for Larnaca Airport E Cabrio car hire. Sure Drive Car Hire Ltd has the perfect solution for you. Book Mercedes E Cabriolet in Larnaca Airport, and it will be waiting for you as soon as you step out of the airport! You can immediately get inside your luxurious Mercedes convertible and cruise through stunning Cyprus like a celebrity.
Trust us when we say that to rent the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet is the only way to get the 5 star Cyprus experience you have been dreaming of. This open four-seater convertible has a top made out of soft fabric which is fully automatic. The multilayered soft top folds back and disappears if you want to enjoy the fresh and pleasant open air of Cyprus. The automatic Mercedes E Cabriolet has a most powerful engine with top suspension systems, along with a 2x4drive, so that you can enjoy a drive you’ll never forget. The car is the height of luxury and extravagance, with AMG body styling. It will make you feel like a superstar from the moment you sit inside.
Mercedes E Cabrio is the Ideal Car for Cyprus
book mecedes e class cabrio in larnaca airportRent Mercedes E Cabriolet in Cyprus because it is a luxurious sports car like no other. You can enjoy climate comfort all year round in Cyprus if you book the Mercedes E Cabriolet in Larnaca. The automatic top of the car closes and opens within 20 seconds even when you are driving at high speeds. This car brings you luxury combined with practicality for your long road trips, so that you don’t have a single worry.
The entertainment system of the car is simply like nothing you’ve seen before. The large multimedia touchscreen is all set with a modern GPS system. In the E Cabrio, you can listen to music through the top quality audio system and enjoy HD movies during your travels. Bluetooth Connectivity and USB ports can let you attach all your electronic devices to the car for charging, accessing music and videos, in-car call reception and much more. Hours will pass like minutes in Cyprus if you rent Mercedes E Cabriolet.
Enjoy Dreamy Drives in Cyprus
If you plan to book Mercedes E Cabriolet in Cyprus, you should know that not only is this car luxurious in looks, it is luxurious in performance too. The E Cabrio has Intelligence Lights that increase and decrease in intensity depending on the darkness. The Eco Start/Stop Mode of this Mercedes convertible turns the engine off automatically when the car is not in use for your ultimate convenience and fuel efficiency. Front and rear parking sensors come in the car in addition to a reversing camera and even a self-park mode to make driving in Cyprus completely stress-free for you.
You can choose from four different modes of driving and steering, depending on your mood and your requirements. The car can be shifted to Comfort Mode for a relaxed drive, or Eco Mode if you want to save fuel and drive long distances. If you feel like driving fast and having fun with the car, then the Sport mode will let you accelerate smoothly and improve steering and handling of the Mercedes E Cabriolet. And, if you’re really craving a thrill, you can put the car in Sport+ Mode and whizz down the Cyprus roads in one of the best sports cars in the world.
No holiday in Cyprus is complete with a luxury convertible as your travel partner. Don’t you want a clear view of every stunning sight Cyprus has to offer? Cyprus is far too beautiful for you to travel through it in a cramped public transport bus, or closed taxi, or any other boring car. Whether you are in Larnaca or Limassol, or are planning to come to Cyprus soon, don’t forget to rent Mercedes E Cabriolet only from Sure Drive Car Hire Ltd. We are the best place in Cyprus for Larnaca Airport E Cabrio car hire.

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