Mercedes Vito Tourer in Cyprus

Reasons Why You Should Rent a Mercedes VITO TOURER 9-Seater

Ever had the idea of traveling together as one family for that relaxing vacation at the sea or adventurous tour in the forest, but, the size of your car seems to let you down? No need to panic since you can now travel comfortably in the brand new Mercedes VITO TOURER. With this luxury tour van, it’s easy to accommodate as much luggage as possible to set you up for that vacation. In addition to that, you get to comfortably drive your family or friends around Cyprus as they view different tourist attractions.


The car hire industry is constantly changing and so we realized how important it is to introduce a vehicle that caters to the needs of families who want to travel together comfortably in one vehicle and still have enough space for their luggage. A good traveling vehicle is the first essential element that is likely to affect how your vacation kicks off. Trust me you don’t want to travel in a vehicle that has poor air conditioning and the seats also very uncomfortable.


Some of the features that come with such a luxury passenger van are so good to an extent that; when you have the opportunity to travel in one, you never look back. You might find yourself renting one every time you choose to go on vacation even when your family is not present. For instance the automatic sliding doors, with the push of a button open and it’s easy to get in or out of the vehicles even when someone parks to close to you car. The memories that come with this luxury passenger van will make you wish you owned your own so that you can have vacations anytime you choose to. However, the experience of being chauffeured isn’t pleasing for everyone, so we offer the vehicles on self drive so that you can enjoy and drive at your own pace, provided you drive safely. Therefore, since no particular moment should pass you by, it’s better to rent the VITO TOURER since it’s the kind of vehicle that can take you to whichever destination you choose.


Introducing the VITO TOURER

Not only is it ideal for family vacations, but, it can also be used for business. Imagine the kind of trouble organizations go through when a few employees are supposed to travel to a certain places such as Larnaca airport together and they end up traveling separately since no comfortable vehicle can accommodate them all at once. This is no longer a problem; the VITO TOURER brings safety, sophistication, performance and reliability to the MPV segment. Employees now have the opportunity to go on with their chats as they travel to various destinations since it has a carrying capacity of 9 people. Travelling around Cyprus can be boring especially when you are traveling alone, but, this van has plenty of room to ensure that your fun moments with colleagues are upheld.


The exterior design of the vehicle is dynamic and powerful, with the streamlined front section giving the VITO TOURER dominance on the road. Unlike other vehicles that have the same carrying capacity that are likely to travel for a few miles and start showing engine knock signs, with this vehicle you can be certain that your tour comes to a halt when you say so and not because the vehicle developed some mechanical problems. Additionally, the interior will blow you away; the designers of this vehicle had two things in mind; luxury and versatility with plenty of space and uniquely a designed cabinet that can accommodate 9 adults in exquisite comfort.

Since driving can be hectic at times, there VITO TOURER has a number of unique safety features that you might not find in any other passenger van. Some of them include;

Side wind Assist system

Parking Assist

So, I guess most people are wondering how the performance differs from the other passenger vans they have used before. The VITO TOURER has engine that are very efficient and responsive;

V 220 d which has the ability to return up to 45.6 mpg combined

The Design

The design of the VITO TOURER is one that displays the language that separates the new Mercedes Benz luxury vans from the other models that you’ve probably heard of. The front part has expressive headlights, proper air circulation and a sleek dynamic design. Apart from that, the eye catching features such as alloy wheels, privacy glass and chrome trim elements making the VITO TOURER look as sporty as you possibly wish for. Imagine touring Cyprus in such a comfortable luxury van which gives you a VIP feeling as you travel from Larnaca airport to the Paphos Region. Additionally, the east coast region, Larnaca, is prominent for its nightlife stripes which are insomniac. Here, it doesn’t matter whether you are a couple looking to enjoy the night life or a family looking to have a lovely dinner in one of the popular hotels, there’s always a place for everyone in this region and the VITO TOURER can take you to all the tourist attractions conveniently if you choose to rent it for the day.

Since it’s a German machine, you can guess what the VITO TOURER has to offer; refinement and sophistication that is out of this world. As highlighted earlier, the machine has a stylish dashboard that comes with a multimedia tablet display, confortable seats and most of all stainless steel pedals with rubber studs for maximum speed when you are in hurry to get somewhere. For instance, you might be in a hurry to catch your flight at Larnaca airport and worried that your luggage might get lost in the commotion, no need to panic, once you’ve loaded your luggage into the van, you’ll be surprised how fast the vehicle gets you to the airport. Some people like traveling during the day while others prefer during the night. Ever traveled in a vehicle that has no lighting at night? Such an experience is so terrifying. The designers of the VITO TOURER considered all these aspects when they decided to fit in a 3-color ambient lighting that covers the front to the back of the van creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Due to its versatile nature, the VITO TOURER 9-seater is the extra-long version of the model and there are the standard and long versions you can also choose from. Nevertheless, the extra long version is that dream tour van every family that likes going on vacation wish they had. Furthermore, unlike most vehicles that lack seats that can accommodate young kids, the VITO TOURER guarantees total comfort and safety for them. The manufacturers knew how important safety is to both adults and children when they travel together and you don’t have to worry about their safety.


Just like the other Mercedes-Benz range vehicles, the VITO TOURER puts your safety first, as much as you’d love to travel, you need to reach your destination safely. Due to this reason, the VITO TOURER is packed with unique technologies that not only keep you physically secure, but also ensure you have peace of mind throughout the journey.

At times, drivers tend to get distracted when they are on the wheel and this can lead to accidents. This feature helps the driver in maintaining a safe distance between them and the vehicle in front. Therefore, the chances of collisions are reduced significantly.

Side wind Assist System

This is another addition to the unique features that the VITO TOURER has to offer, high winds tend to make vehicles drift from their lanes, resulting in accidents. The targeted braking system quickly responds to such events and corrects the situation by bringing the vehicle to a stop.

Are you looking to hire a luxury van for your business trip or vacation in Cyprus, then don’t settle for anything less than the Mercedes V Class 9-seater. Your first experience traveling in the van will give you memories to relive. In addition to that, you also can also hire one from Larnaca airport to whichever destination you choose in Cyprus. For High Resolution photos of

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