The Main Attractions of Cyprus

When visiting the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, tourists should spend time at the main attractions that draw thousands of people each year. On the surface, this island may seem like a sleepy beach resort but it is bustling with activity and packed with fun things to do. Khirokitia, Kolossi Castle, Kourion, and Lefkara Village are four must-see attractions.


Khirokitia is an archeological site that dates back to the Neolithic age.It is considered one of the best-preservedand most important prehistoric sites withintheEasternMediterranean. Situated on a hill in the Maroni River value on the southern coastline of the island, Khirokitia is a prime example of an organized and functioning society represented by a collective settlement of people with fortifications surrounding the community for protection.

Kolossi Castle                    

Located nine miles west of Limassol, Kolossi Castle is an excellent representation of 15th century military architecture. The original structure was reportedly built in 1210 and the current castle was constructed in 1454. Strategically positioned along the southwestern coastline, this castle was the Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar and once housed a sugar production facility, sugar being one of the main exports of the island during the Middle Ages.                       car hire cyprus kolossy

Kourion and Lefkara Village                         

Kourion was a city that thrived from the second century B.C. through the early Middle Ages. Excavations continue at this amazing archeological site, revealing new finds. Kourion features an impressive Greco-Roman Theatre, a Christian Basilica, and regal villas featuring mosaic floors. The Nymphaeum is an elegant structure dedicated to the water nymphs and just outside of the city are a woodland god’s place of worship and the sanctuary of Hylates. Lefkara Village, located in the Larnaca district, is known for its silver handicrafts and lace, which has a long history there. Unique, picturesque architecture including stone houses and cobbled streets distinguishes this village from others in the area. Within the village, tourists can explore handicraft and wax museums, chapels and churches dating to the 11th century, the Machairas Monastery, and the Saint Minas Convent. These four attractions may be the most popular but they are not the only places to visit on this magnificent island. Visitors enjoy traveling dirt trails to glimpse flora and fauna, relaxing on the beach and gazing out over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, and dining on local delicacies at beachside cafes and lavish restaurants. Explore every inch of this island to get a feel for the wonderful culture.

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