MERCEDES-BENZ E 220 CONVERTIBLE - Guaranteed model

Category: Convertible Auto 4 Seats

Transmission: Automatic (AT)

Passengers: 4

Luggage: 1

Body type: Cabriolet

Year: 2014

Fuel: Diesel

No. of doors: 2


Odometer: 116318

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Price for 1 day

240 €

2 day

160.00 €/day

3 day

133.33 €/day

4-5 day

128.00 €/day

6-7 day

112.00 €/day


The Mercedes-Benz E 220 Convertible 2014 is a stellar representation of luxury, performance, and open-air freedom, all wrapped up in an elegantly designed package. As part of the E-Class lineup, known for its blend of comfort, sophistication, and technological innovation, the E 220 Convertible stands out as a desirable option for those seeking the exhilaration of a cabriolet combined with the quality and prestige associated with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Design and Exterior: The 2014 E 220 Convertible boasts a timeless design characterized by smooth lines, a classic Mercedes-Benz front grille adorned with the iconic star, and sleek headlights that enhance its sophisticated appearance. The power-operated soft top can be easily retracted to transform the vehicle into an open-air cruiser, allowing drivers and passengers alike to enjoy the sun and the breeze. Its well-proportioned body and stylish alloy wheels complement its elegant silhouette, making it a head-turner on any road.

Interior and Comfort: Inside, the cabin of the E 220 Convertible exudes luxury and attention to detail. High-quality materials, including leather upholstery and finely crafted trim elements, create a refined and comfortable environment. The seating is designed to provide support and comfort, even on longer journeys, with enough space for up to four occupants. Advanced climate control and a sophisticated infotainment system ensure that both driver and passengers enjoy a pleasant and connected ride.

Engine and Performance: Under the hood, the E 220 Convertible is equipped with a 2.1-liter turbocharged diesel engine, offering a balance of performance and efficiency. This engine is capable of delivering smooth acceleration and a responsive driving experience, making the E 220 Convertible as enjoyable to drive in city traffic as it is on open highways. The car features a rear-wheel-drive layout and is paired with an automatic transmission that shifts seamlessly, contributing to its dynamic and engaging ride.

Technology and Safety: Mercedes-Benz equipped the 2014 E 220 Convertible with an array of technological features and safety systems. Standard and available amenities include a comprehensive infotainment system, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a high-quality sound system. Safety-wise, the vehicle benefits from Mercedes-Benz's commitment to passenger protection, featuring advanced safety technologies such as collision prevention assist, attention assist, and a robust set of airbags, ensuring a safe journey under the open sky.

Market Position and Appeal: The Mercedes-Benz E 220 Convertible 2014 appeals to those looking for a luxury convertible that combines elegance with performance. It is well-suited for drivers who appreciate the finer things in life and want a car that provides a sense of occasion every time they get behind the wheel. Competing against other luxury convertibles in its segment, the E 220 stands out for its blend of diesel efficiency, comfort, and the prestige of the Mercedes-Benz badge.

In summary, the Mercedes-Benz E 220 Convertible 2014 is a testament to the brand's ability to produce vehicles that offer luxury, performance, and unrivaled open-air driving experiences. It remains a compelling choice for anyone seeking a premium convertible that excels in terms of style, comfort, and driving pleasure.

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